one year ago and today

i never blogged about kenny's baby blessing that took place exactly one year ago today! it was a very very special day for us! 
  if you're interested in knowing more about baby blessings go {here}.
mick was the one to give kenny a name and blessing. it was so beautiful, even though kenny cried through the whole thing...and he NEVER cried. he was hungry...of course.

Kenneth Robert Swenson

-blessed with a mind filled with light and the ability to discern between light and darkness and to understand the value of virtuous living.
-blessed with a healthy body and strong bones and the ability to resist the bacteria's and hardships of life.
-blessed with the gift of empathy and to be able to recognize the needs of others and be able to dedicate your life to service.
-blessed with a strong will and a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and the ability to recognize the spirit.
-blessed with a good sense of humor so that offenses will wash off easily
-blessed with a sense of logic and judgement
-blessed to be valiant and strong in service of Jesus Christ
he was told to "press forward in life's trials"
i am still so grateful that my family was able to come and enjoy that beautiful spring day with me, mick, and mick's family! we went to church and then played outside with the babe and some adorable little kittens my sisters found. they (my sisters) are animal whispers. fact.

*happy sigh* 
we sure do love our boy! he has been the biggest joy of our lives these past 13 1/5 months!
he makes mick and i laugh every.single.day. 
he is always so smiley and happy! 
he is silly. 
he loves to dance and actually has rhythm! 
he loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and gummy bears more than any other "food".
he brings me his blankie when he is ready for bed.
he gives showers mick and i with kisses every day.
he would spend ALL DAY in the stroller going for a walk if i would let him!
he sings and says "no".
he plays but mostly fights over toys with chaz on a daily basis.
he is 28.2 pounds and 32.5 inches tall.
he has the biggest brown eyes and fullest kissy lips, which often makes people think he is a girl...even though he is obviously dressed in boys clothes.

today we had to take kenny to doctors because he fell and hit his eye on the coffee table and cut it open. 
a. it really wasn't that serious. 
b. it still scared me. 
c. he didn't have to get stitches!!!

we didn't get very many smiles out of him after our traumatic eventful afternoon. he did smile when i gave him a gummy bear though. haha.


  1. Sweet Kenny!! I'm so glad that he is okay. He really is a heartwarming delight! I love him so much.