i will be able to focus.

i have so many hopes and dreams for this blog, for my etsy shop, for my home, for my wardrobe, heck for life in general.

i have so many things on my plate right now, how do i get organized? ahhhhh!

one thing at a time. i have a couple of orders to finish, this sewing competition to finish AND WIN!! and a vacation to enjoy. then i will be cutting back, organizing, and getting focused.

i won't be doing photography...i'm not that great at it anyways. i won't be doing sewing competitions...i'm not good with pressure. i won't be comparing my blogging to others...it only makes things worse.

i have a new blog design underway, a giveaway in the process of being put together, and a week of fashion, a week of tutorials and a week of recipes!

keep in touch! i love comments!

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  1. Sounds like you are super busy and stress. I've been in the same boat and hoping it doesn't sink!

    One thing/day at a time...hope it all gets better for you!