this is a serious post and i am in need of help!

i need to talk to someone about my newest..."issue". i think i can consider my blog a safe place to talk about stuff. right? i really hope so because this post is pretty serious and i am going to need a lot of support from my fellow bloggers, family and friends.

i was listening to the radio and this song came on. i really liked it and i was kinda totally jammin' out. then they announced who sang it...


you guys, i like a justin bieber song.

i feel confused. 

baby bieber is growing up. he doesn't sound (or look) like a little girl anymore. i like it. (not in a weird way, i'm married people!). i definitely enjoyed this new song.

are there any others out there who know what i am going through?


  1. look girl: sometimes ya gotta have principles. you know? and no matter how good a bieber song may sound, at the end of the day ITS A BIEBER SONG.
    and you're not 12.
    (are you?)

    cut that trash.

  2. good music is good music. don't sweat it! or do-as you have a one person dance party!
    ps. great blog!