Easter Outfit

well, i thought it was time to start posting some of my favorite outfits here on my blog. this is my easter outfit i wore today. sorry for the not so great picture. we (my husband and i) are kind of new at this. i am way more comfortable behind the camera and mick is the pro model. ;) haha!

dress: dress barn | cardigan: old navy | lace tank top: charolette russe | shoes: target

kenny is by far the cutest model out there. here he is taking chaz for a little walk and having a way good time!

shoes: old navy | pants: target | shirt: old navy | bow tie: handmade by me using vintage fabric

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  1. cute! love the outfit! I like how you put where you got each item. Woods wore his bow tie yesterday too! I tried to take a picture, but he made a mess of his outfit before I got a chance.