vintage love

i went deseret industries (the mormon thrift store) to find something that i could re-fashion for the next round of sew-vivor. i didn't find what i was looking for but i did find something AMAZING! 

an amelia earhart vintage.yellow.leather.suitcase.
yes. that's right. it needs a little tlc on the outside (just a few scuffs and dirt, nothing too extreme) and the inside is absolutely perfect. there isn't a single tear in the original lining! i even found the key in the side pocket. again...AMAZING!

the samsonite "courier" bag is also in pretty great condition. the inside lining has come apart but not impossible to fix. it has the original luggage tag with no writing on it. the zipper is a little sticky but that is also an easy fix. it even came with an old wet wipe from the 50's. yeah.

i have often found myself envying those with really neat vintage suitcases. i could always think of a hundred different things i would do with one. now that i have one all i want to do is take pictures of it. ha!

i am definitely loving my new finds! i was thinking i would put all my favorite/vintage fabrics in the suitcase. it would be perfect for that! and i was needing something for my fabric collection. i will use the teal bag for everyday use. it's too amazing to just let it sit and collect dust. the sun hat i bought at target. i have been wanting one for the past several summers and now that i have a little extra money i decided that it was time to get one. i love it. so does kenny. in fact, as you can see he loves all of the things i do! ;) i seriously cannot keep him off of the suitcase!


  1. This. Is. AWESOME. Seriously, I want! :) What an incredible find! And your photos are stunning too!! xoxo

    1. Thanks! probably the best 2nd hand store find i have ever found! 11 bucks for both!

      i've been looking through your blog and i am loving it! i am super excited to get to know you more through blogging. you have a beautiful family!

      thanks for checking out my blog!