i just have to tell about my day...it's been...interesting. seriously.

this morning kenny found a bad a craisins (my favorite go to treat!) and got it open and started dumping them all over the floor, instead of me taking the bag from him and picking up the ones he dumped i yelled "NOOOO" and ran over and started stuffing them in my mouth as fast as i could trying to keep up with the ones still being dumped. i realized what i was doing and just burst out laughing.

later i was trying to do the dishes when kenny decided he wanted to be held, i told him it wasn't time to be held. so he pulled my pants down to my ankles. sigh...

i am wearing my braided headband and while i waited for mick to come out of his work office i looked in the rear view mirror at kenny and noticed my hair was completely wild. it had poofed up so big over my headband...really?

just now i yelled "noooooooooo" at a blog buddy {andrea over at pics-o-andrea} on google+ chat thingy thinking it was my sister... we've only just started getting to know each other over the past month and so it was a bit embarrassing for me. my face totally turned red. haha.

anyways, that has been my day so far...i think i will stay inside and off the computer for the rest of the evening. HA! good night friends!

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