awesome and awkward

awesome:  i think you should go {HERE} to see what i just now discovered! WAHOO!!

yep. pretty cool!

i had completely forgotten i linked up at rachel's weekly link party. this was definitely a fun fun surprise! 
i love rachel's blog. it is seriously so much fun! right not she is doing a sewleberty crush series & asked me to participate! i am so excited to share a fun sewing tutorial with all her cool readers here in a couple weeks!

awkward: i'm home from church today. i woke up with a swollen lip. not sure why i have a swollen lip. it hurts a little and it pretty numb in a certain spot. i tried looking up what it might be. the results were: 
a) allergic reaction 
b) abscess or 
c) cancer 


  1. Yay that's so exciting! The feature not the boo boo!

  2. yay for being blogger of the week and introducing me to another blog to read. so sorry to hear about your lip. hopefully it's just a reaction to something and quick to heal!
    xo TJ