Fighting Colds and Packing!

kenny had a pretty bad head cold yesterday. it makes me sad when my boy is sick. i also wasn't feel too well but we both got a good nights sleep and are feeling loads better today. which is good new because tomorrow we make our journey to this place...

i am so so so SOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED! we are going for the Swenson Family reunion! its going to be insanely fun! i was told today that mick's dad was coming to pick up kenny's and my bike! AHHH!!! i am also bringing my running shoes in hopes of a morning run around the lake! obviously not the whole lake. when i say "run" i mostly mean maybe job to the lake, watch the sun rise and then stroll back. yep. that sounds about right!

anyways. i should have prepared for this sooner but i've been really focusing on getting some orders completed and shipped. 

i am lookin' for the following:

~three guest post writers (one more spot available)
~your post to be turned in by monday at 6pm MST (i know i know...that's so soon! i have faith in you though!)
~i would prefer for guest writers to have at least 75 blog followers

i will send the first four people that i approve for this more details! 
email if you're interested at jessicahunt88 at gmail dot com

thank you thank you! i am so excited to hear from you!!


  1. Have great time in Tahoe! I lived on the North shore of the lake for 6 years and miss every day that I am away. It truly is amazing. Where are you staying? I could recommend some restaurants, hiking/bike trails or beaches :) Have fun!


  2. new[est] follower. your blog is adorable! can't wait to keep reading! would love if you followed me back!