so this one time...

...i dyed my own hair because i'm too cheap to have it done professionally. and guess what. i like it! i was attempting to do that ombre look but then got a little carried away. i love being a bit edgy with my hair color. mick always talks about the time i dyed it purple. haha! anyways, do you like my awkward phone pics. ((sigh)). 

i just wanted to thank all of you who commented on my last post! you guys are so so nice!


  1. Oh that is cute! I love it that you try new things!!

  2. Looks good! When I tried to dye my own hair it did not turn out well. I will never dye my hair again. So props to you for actually making it look cute! :)

  3. i should definitely start dying my own hair. it's way too expensive!
    and it looks great!
    xo TJ