Camping and Nitro Circus!

mick, kenny, chaz and i went camping this last friday evening. i would love to say that we had so much fun and it was just an enjoyable time. i would love to say that. the truth is; camping with a toddler...not easy. i think it was partially our fault for thinking that we could do a last minute camping trip. we definitely were not prepared. we hope to go again in a couple weeks better prepared.

last night however was VERY enjoyable. mick has the best job ever! his company lined up a pre-screening of the new nitro circus movie coming out on the 8th.
if you have never (or have!) heard of nitro circus...watch this video right now!   

they are crazy, insane, stupid stunt devils. i love it! we watched them live a couple years ago and it was jaw dropping the things that they do! good freaking times!
our weekend isn't quite over though, my biological dad and little brother will be here tonight! i am so excited! our weekend has been quite adventurous that is for sure. what did you do this weekend?

i had a large (200x200) spots open up! please remember that this is a sponsor swap relationship and in order to reserve this spot you need to put my blog ad up on your blog. thank you thank you!!


  1. I love those pictures! They are so great. It looks so green and pretty.

    1. thank you! it was incredibly pretty! we hope to go back in a couple weeks better prepared!

  2. Replies
    1. YES lets do! Send me your 200x200 and I get it up! what size do you need? jessicahunt88 at gmail dot com