grandpa skip

my biological father came to visit us last night. he spent the night and left mid morning to finish his journey back to San Diego. this was his and kenny's first time getting to meet each other so it was a pretty special visit. it took kenny a few minutes to warm up but he did and i'm sure another day these two would have been the best of friends. kenny is a big fan of all his grandpas! his grandpa skip brought him a remote control jeep and boy does he love it! he's been carrying and pushing it all around since he first found it this morning! spoiled. i miss my dad so so much again. i am so proud of him. life hasn't been easy for any of us but it is so amazing to see him do the things he loves and be successful at them! i am really hoping for more visits in the near near future! i am so very very grateful for this visit even though it was so short. i love you dad!