Etsy Shop Hop

hey!!! so i wanted to do a little something new. a blog trend i have seen going on and LOVE participating in!

a blog etsy shop hop!

everyone these days are doing blog link up and a lot of them ask you to not link your etsy shop. well, i decided to dedicate this one to specifically etsy shop owners (sorry bloggers, no linking your blogs this week)! 
soooooo, link up your etsy shop and have fun checking out other shops! buy stuff! i love finding new shops. i actually just made my first etsy purchase this last week. i know i know. i've been using etsy for almost a year now and have known about etsy for several years, so i don't really know why i haven't been shopping on etsy. but i have now discovered that supporting handmade shops is so awesome! 

so link up!

if anyone is interested in co-hosting in a link up email me! or...if you're in need of a co-host, i'm your gal!


  1. I LOVE this idea! Now if only I had something for sale in my shop.

  2. Love the idea!:) Here's my shop:

    enjoy <3

    xoxo Thania