Kenny, my eighteen month old boy

kenny is such a boy. he loves playing with his cars & trucks. he gets so excited when he hears & sees an airplane fly over his head in the sky! his favorite foods are bananas (what toddler doesn't?) & hot dogs, he sleeps in a toddler bed, prefers to be dressed, says more, please, thank you, no, yes, yay, bye bye, hi, chaz, dada, mama, mick, drink, food, elmo, blue, & can count to ten with my help (i say one, he says two, i say three, he says four...etc), he meows, barks, bocks, moos, & knows where his nose, hair, teeth & eyes are (& can say all of them), sings elmo's world & hums himself sleep, he refuses to fold his arms and pray & looks at us like we're crazy when we do it, he stacks up his blocks & jumps over them, his favorite shows are elmo's world, the cat in the hat knows alot about that & the colbert report (still), he LOVES riding the four-wheeler, he runs every where he goes & boy does that wear my out these days! i sure do love him though! i can't imagine my life without him. i refuse to even try because i know it wouldn't be a happy life. i can't believe he's a year and half already. 


  1. ah time sure does fly! The talk of trucks and airplanes makes me really excited I'm having a boy :)