thoughts and a winner!!

so i've been kind of MIA this last week. i've been so busy sewing, thinking, & sewing. i think a lot when i sew. i mostly have been thinking about this blog. i get so discouraged sometimes. i will admit that i compare my blog to others way too often. i feel like the new kid trying to get into the popular kids group. i get so down sometimes. don't you hate it when you have sent emails to those bigger bloggers and they just don't respond. i'm sure they are all so busy but come on...it takes like a minute to respond to an email. i don't know. i'm just in a rut i guess. sleep deprived. stressed from all the sewing i have to do. and a million other things i wont bore you with. i was contemplating shutting down the ol' blog. hanging up my hat. saying goodbye to the blogging world. yeah...it was getting pretty intense over by my sewing machine. but i'm not quite ready for that. i am ready for a new outlook on blogging though. i feel like i've been too concerned with numbers and not as concerned with the quality of my posts. so for the month of september i wont be doing any sponsor trades, i will be doing a couple of features on some of my favorite bloggers who truly have inspired me. i really want to re-focus on the quality of my posts and you, my amazing and supportive readers. i feel like i am all over the place and i need to focus. i have some super fun things planned!

i really am one happy gal. so blessed. my husband is so amazing. it still surprises me the way he treats me because he treats me so well. my baby boy (who is NOT a baby anymore) brings me enormous amounts of joy! and my life is so wonderful!

so until tomorrow...


  1. Keep blogging! I love reading your cute blog! You do such a great job!!

  2. I feel this way sometimes too. And even when I reach a little blogging goal, there's always someone else's blog that has even more followers, or whatever. It's easy to get down on yourself, and I hate when I forget how fun and inspiring blogging is because I'm focusing on stats and stuff.

    I also decided it's better to go a few days without a post than to put up something that's not important, and then your quality of posts goes down.

    So here's to us!

  3. I know how you feel! I've had the same discussion with myself and ultimately decided that I need to make sure I am blogging for me and not for anyone else. It's helped but I still have those days. I can't wait to see what you have planned. :)

  4. I love your blog Jessica don't give up! Go back to your basics and what you most love about blogging. It's easy to want to focus on stats a lot, I know I do much more than I would want to, but that sucks the fun out if blogging most of the time. Your so creative and always on my reading list :)

  5. Please keep blogging, your blog is inspiring to me :) I feel the same way too, but just keep doing what you are doing because you are doing an awesome job!
    Ps- I am excited for Saturday! We will see you there :)