Swenson Love or Dream Catcher Baby, Make up your mind Jessica!

yeah that's right, I cannot seem decide on what this little blog should be called. I keep going back to Dream Catcher Baby. I just love the way it sounds. And I totally have a story to go with the name. And I am all about blogging about my littles. Although Kenny isn't a baby anymore he is my biggest inspiration behind just about everything I do. My biggest hope is that he will do all he can to catch his own dreams, no matter what they may be. That is something I have wished for since his birth. I also hope that for all the little ones in the world, that is why I named my Etsy shop Dream Catcher Baby. So my final decision for the blogs name is...

Dream Catcher Baby

Now just be patient with me as I re-brand myself. I am looking for a new blog design and logo. If you have any suggestions on blog designers or wish to help out with that let me know!

ALSO...I am looking for some new Sponsors this month! Check out my sponsor page for the details and shoot me an email if interested!



  1. That's a beautiful name!! My etsy shop is named after my daughter (now if only I got some stuff made to actually sell!!) I totally get being inspired by your kids

  2. Love that name!!! I can help you with your design!!

    1. I would love that! I am mostly looking for a new header. Something to go with the native theme.