Its been decided that I am quite pathetic...

It's true...

Mick left for D.C. early early this morning (2 freaking a.m.) for a business trip. I have forced myself to not think about it before he left. I just wanted to enjoy my time with him without being all emotional. Being pregnant and being so in love with him I knew a lot of tears were to come. And they have! I literally sobbed ugly sobs when he was leaving and I am totally crying right now as I type. I can't even see the screen clearly.


I just love him. He is my everything. I will be counting the hours for his return. I have been daydreaming about him all day. Haha! Goodness I love him and I am so happy I get to spend eternity with him!


  1. You are so sweet Jess. He’s a lucky man.

  2. You are not pathetic! My husband went on a Red Cross deployment two springs ago and left me home with our 15 month old, and the two weeks flew by with no tears. He is in NYC with the Red Cross now for two weeks, and being 24 weeks pregnant I am an emotional basket case!