a heart full of love

I woke up this morning to this little boy snuggling super close to me in bed. He just laid beside me and touched my face whispering "nose", "eyes", "hair", "mama". Um...heart melted: check! I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this little boy! He makes me so happy. The love I have for him is almost too much for me to handle. How is my little heart going to handle TWO little boys stealing all of its love? 

AND not to mention that none of this love would even be possible without Mick. My Mick who so perfectly managed to take all the pieces of my once broken heart, put it all back together and fill in the cracks with his overwhelming love and devotion. WHAT!!! I am one lucky girl!!

Okay...enough sappiness. Have a wonderful day! Don't forget to enter my giveaway

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