O' Christmas Tree!

Christmas. THE.BEST.TIME.OF.THE.YEAR! Can I get an amen! I absolutely love everything about Christmas. Especially Christmas trees! Mick and I agree on most things. Except houses and Christmas trees. I love fresh, live, chopped down from a forest (or tree farm) tree. He prefers artificial. He won the tree battle this time around but just you watch Mick Swenson...someday...we WILL have a real tree for Christmas! Even if it means the kiddos and I sneak out in the middle of the night and chop one down ourselves! HAHA! I jest...mostly. ;) 

P.S. Isn't that boy of mine just adorable! I love that big smile! Those eyes that light up everything! And his sweet sweet curiosity. He still isn't sure if the lights on tree will burn him or not.


  1. what a beautiful tree!! you have a lovely blog :)