thank you 2012, you were so good to us!

what a year! i would say it has been the best yet! 2013, you have a lot to measure up to!! haha! i'm actually not too worried about 2013. i think it will top 2012 easy. but more about that at a later date. lets focus on this last year.

some of my top favorite moments of 2012 have been:
~moving into our own place. we're having a hard time leaving it, despite its small size.
~spring. kenny and i started to venture outdoors more as soon as spring hit. and can i just say, i love our hood! there is so much to do with in walking distance!
~mick getting a job at qualtrics.
~my first trip to vegas. mick and i were able to take a mini vacation just the two of us. it was perfect! (although missing kenny was pretty awful)
~designing, sewing, and then selling over 100 baby/toddler dresses! i had no idea the kind of success i would have with that little talent i have been gifted.
~summer. hello! always a welcome season. i of course had to get my tan on often in our lovely back yard while kenny splashed around in his little pool. we lived off of otter pops this summer.
~mick and i were able to see go see the musical wicked. AMAZING!
~every new stage kenny enters has been so much fun! i love watching him grow and learn.
~the swenson family reunion in tahoe.
~two of my siblings weddings! i still can't believe we're all growing up! ;)
~getting pregnant and then finding out that we were having another boy! i am truly so excited!! this has been an extremely rough pregnancy but i am so grateful for this beautiful blessing. i cannot wait to meet this little boy!
~having my siblings come stay with me. first rachelle, then alan, then tim and his wifey. i love and miss my family so much!

there were MANY great moments this year but it would be a very very long post if I were to go through them all. i am truly grateful for what 2012 brought to our little family. 2013 is already looking to be just as amazing!

thank you all for following my little blog, for all the wonderful, kind, thoughtful comments of love, support and simple friendship. i truly do appreciate and value all of you wonderful people! i have some fun ideas/plans for this blog and hope you will continue to follow along this blogging journey with me!


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