The Terrible Two's

Although this kid is still weeks away from his second birthday we have been experiencing what I think parents refer to as the "terrible twos". It been rough. He has been extremely cranky these days and really trying my patience. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with the weather. Being stuck inside isn't easy for anyone. Especially an active little boy who would probably live out doors if his mean mom would just let him! haha! I have a lot of activities planned for the next few months of winter. I pray winter will go by quickly and that we can enter Spring and Summer!

Other things on my mind...Bijou is now accepting applications. I want to apply so bad but I can't decide if its a good idea as I will be due with baby #2 just a few short weeks after the event. I learned so much from the Fall and I know what I need to do now to make this an enjoyable, stress-free experience. I just have to decide if I want to do it now or try next year. I do lean slightly more towards going for it. Just slightly.

Anyways. Tomorrow is going to be fun as I will be featuring some of my favorite blogs to read! I didn't have a single person want to sponsor this month so I think I will actually nix the whole sponsoring thing again and just invite friends to guest post. I don't know. So much to think about. But right now...I am going to go think about stuffing my face with that banana bread I just made!



  1. We have a great sleigh riding hill and two feet of new snow. Bring Kenny over tomorrow and grandpa will pull him and his dad behind the 4 wheeler. That should make Kenny happy. ;-)

  2. Oh that cranky face is all too familiar in my household! Cruz has been a grouchy pants too, and driving his mama crazy! Here's to peaceful, happier children for the weekend! :) xo

  3. he looks adorable even when pouting! hope it gets better... love his monkey :)

  4. Oh it's a tricky time! Their developing independence racing ahead without the necessary language can cause all sorts of crazy. What a lovely space I've stumbled on here. Wishing you calm and happy days. Steph :)x
    And as far as the market goes....my daughter's name is Bijou so I say go for it! It's a sign!!