Um...I kind of got a new iphone5

and i am annoyed i ever owned anything else. for reals. i LOVE my new phone! it has taken me a few days to get the hang of the new layout and how it works but so far i'm truly loving it! 

anyways. blogging has been a little bit on the lower end of my priority list as i have also have been extremely busy with my little (growing) etsy shop. its been great though! i like this kind of busy. the downside of being busy is that i am having a really hard time sewing up new dresses with pretty spring patterns/colors. i do have a bunch of new bow ties and one new dress though and i think you all should check them out! 

i do need to take a few new photos. i'm not happy with these. oh well. but guess what...

yeah that's right. one of my all time favorite bloggers, Casey Wiegand totally pinned my dress!

okay. i am going to get to work. i have a lot of sewing to do!


  1. These are so cute! If I had little babies I'd totally dress them in your cute attire!

  2. I love the little bow ties! Those would look so cute on my son. Definitely my favorite.