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i am just feeling so grateful for everyone right now. i recently shared a very personal, private, sad, triumphant and happy part of my life over on Small Fry. i was so nervous. it took me 49 minutes to actually send the email and i literally almost passed out once i did. there was no going back now so i definitely cried really hard until i gave myself a headache. i pulled out my phone at least a dozen times to call them, text them, beg them to not open the email. i guess you could say fear in all forms took over and was really freaking me out.

i tried to forget about it. then they each replied and the things they said made me cry (happy and grateful tears) and gave me courage, strength and helped me remember why i sent it in the first place. it definitely was not for the attention. it took me over 20 years to even accept some of the things i wrote down let alone have any desire to share them with someone...even my husband. it wasn't because i wanted to tell people bad things happened to me and then have everyone feel sorry for me. it was 100% to share the true miracle of adoption. i shared those things with the hope of spreading...well...HOPE. hope in overcoming the bad. hope in adoption.

i have had some horrible things happen to me. more than what i shared in that post but through the miracle of adoption and through pure will power (it was my choice) i have broken the cycle of addiction and sadness. i have a wonderful life filled with joy and many imperfections but all in all still happy. 

okay, this isn't where i was planning for this blog post to go...haha! but here we are. and all i wanted to say was thank you. thank you for the kind words, the texts, the phone calls, hugs, well wishes and even the purchases made from my shop! T H A N K  Y O U!!!

I am a gift giver, its my love language. So here is a giveaway for you! Love you all so much!



  1. My husband was taken from his home at 4, and adopted when he was 8. He often says that his life was saved when he was adopted. I loved reading your story, and the strength you showed. We are starting our family, and know that one day we will probably adopt as a way of paying it forward.

  2. Your story brought tears to my eyes. I worked with children as a LCSW (licensed clinical social worker) for a long time and saw a lot of similar stories. Your start in life is heartbreaking, but I am so grateful for your amazing adoptive parents who gave you a better life. And I am happy that you were able to find happiness and be better rather than bitter. Such a beautiful story, and so brave of you to share. I also have two adopted brothers, so I can attest that adoption is an incredible gift for all invovled! I have been blessed to have them in my life. Thank you for sharing your story.