Finding MY Beauty

What a wonderful life I have been given. So many opportunities have come my way and I am truly grateful. I was recently interviewed by my beautiful friend Kayti who is the lovely and inspiring woman behind The Be{you}ty Bureau! As I answered each question I tried to not think about it too much and just speak from my heart. Say the words that came to my head. Its not easy for me to do because I am SUPER shy. I don't look at myself and see beauty. I don't contemplate my goodness or my good qualities. I'm usually pretty hard on myself. Doing this interview for this AMAZING series has made me see myself in a different light and that its OKAY to look at myself and see beauty and my goodness.

Thank you again Kayti!

Go to this link for the video: http://youtu.be/RkjWbkm8dFs
Go to this link for a bit of my story I shared on Small Fry Blog: http://www.smallfryblog.com/2014/05/25/an-adoption-story-jessica-swenson/

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