Meet PJ Swens

let me just tell you about this day.

we woke up. i changed a stinky diaper and sat my boys down for breakfast. i made eggs and gave them some raspberries. i left to go help kenny and came back to philip (who we mostly call pj) looking like this. he managed to pull the [brand new] carton of raspberries (it was a costco size carton) onto his tray, he opened it, smashed about 80% of them and threw the rest all over the kitchen floor. yep. i stuck him in the bath tub, ran down stairs to throw a load of laundry in, grab him a towel + some clothes. as i was doing this (maybe about a minute in) i hear kenny say "oh hi nakey baby!". he had climbed out of the tub and found his way down stairs butt naked. oh well. as i was finishing loading the washing machine i noticed he had his head on the ground and his butt straight up in the air. i laughed and looked between his legs which made him laugh. that is when i saw the little pile of poop he had just pooped all over my carpet. awesome. i ran upstairs really fast to grab some paper towels and was so excited (can you hear the sarcasm) to find a really big poop and a trail of tiny poops + a stream of urine all over my freshly mopped kitchen floor. i ran back down to grab pj and put a diaper on him so he wouldn't go poo or pee on the floor again. i cleaned every thing up and fell onto the couch and buried my face into the cushions. kenny wanted to read a book so i sat up to read to him. about 5 minutes later i hear a noise in the kitchen so i go check to see what it was and i find pj had dumped an entire jar of jam all over the table + chair + floor.


so i gave him another bath and put him down for his 11 o'clock nap.

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  1. Wah!!! I've had this kind of day before, in fact I'm kind of having one now. But replace pretty much every catastrophe with poop. All poop. I'm so tired of poop. And disinfecting.