Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend. WOW! I'm not sure where to start or how to describe last weekend. It was incredible to say the least!

Mick and I left Friday afternoon and drove to Washington. 
Saturday we got up and got ready and picked up our babysitter and went to the temple to see the Redheads sealed to my parents. It was amazing sitting in the sealing room with my parents, siblings, and husband. I can't believe that we were all there together. It almost feels like it was a dream. I am soooo grateful for that beautiful opportunity. Afterwards we had the BEST photographers ever take our family pictures. A first for the Hunts. It was so much fun. We had a blast with Dave and Ashley. 
Sunday was pretty awesome too. Tim, Mick, Kenny and I went to my home ward. I always felt a little guilty calling Battle Ground Ward my home ward because I really only went there for a few years and a lot of people I know say my home ward is Rapid City 1st ward because I went there for so long. I realized this last Sunday that the BG ward is SOOO my home ward. I felt so welcomed and loved going back there. It was awesome seeing people who I have come to love and look up to and who have helped me (sometimes even in the smallest ways) become who I am now. Yes it is great feeling loved. Later that afternoon we had a little open house for Cynthia and her baby. I made cookies and became popular! Wahoo! lol. Nah...they were alright. ;)
Monday was a little stressful but turned out GREAT! We stayed home and played together which I thought was perfect. Mick and I packed up and before we headed out we went to the park with my Aunt Selena, Grandpa & Grandma Rubey, cousins Cynthia, Devon, and Jazmin. We walked down by the river which is so beautiful. I loved it. Then we drove home. It was a fun drive. My favorite parts were getting hyper off of energy drinks, singing to the old songs that were popular when we were in high school and just chatting the night away with Mick. 

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