Yes! We did! Okay technically its a duplex...and we're only renting but I cannot even describe how excited I am to have our own place with all of our stuff!!! It's tiny...actually its a good size for a family of three. It is in such an awesome location! Close to parks and Center street (where all my favorite boutiques and antique shops are!). Its right next door to church, the neighbors are totally cool, we will have a garden that I wont have to actually tend to (I wish I loved gardening but...I don't. Maybe because I can't seem to get things to grow. I can't even grow weeds. Seriously. Ask my mom! She totally knows how great (sarcasm) my green thumb is!).

I have been packing like a mad woman. We move into our place on Monday but I want to be mostly packed by Friday because my lil sis is coming for a visit and I REALLY want to do fun stuff with her and not boring stuff like...packing.

So I decided to start featuring some of my favorite items I found on Pinterest! Enjoy!

If I had an iPhone I would definitely have either of these!

 It's time to add these to my wardrobe!
I have these in burgundy and I LOVE them! I can't seem to get over the mint color though!

I am definitely making my little Indian a teepee this year! I will play in it often! ;) Just kidding...maybe.

I am completely obsessed with these pillows! NEED!!!

Well that's all for today folks!


  1. oooh! Those mint shoes are lovely! That color is underutilized, it makes me glad it's becoming trendy.
    PS - the photo strip at the bottom of your blog is PRECIOUS.

    1. Thanks so much for checking out my blog! I totally agree, I am soooo loving this new color trend!