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I’m Elisabeth from La Vita e Bella. I blog about love and life, which to me are pretty much one and the same. I'm so excited to be posting on Jessica's blog today! I got to meet her in real life a few weeks ago, and often stalk her on instagram so this is a real treat :) Today I wanted to share some tips to heat up a summer romance: 

Everyone loves a summer romance right? Or, if you already have a man, here are some ways to strengthen that relationship. I know I have great plans for me and Ben after doing a little bit of this research!

Love and attraction may be something that we romanticize over in movies, literature, and daydreams, but science is actually starting to explain a lot of it. The chemistry behind relationships focuses around hormones. They key to successful relationships, is the release of bonding hormones. So, looking for a summer romance? Here are some activities that release oxytocin and vasopressin, chemicals that cause bonding between a couple. 
Do something new:
-find a new recipe and cook together
-visit a new museum/local spot
-learn a new sport (tennis, golf, frisbee, volleyball), take up knitting, or enroll in a ballroom class together
-go camping (even if its only in a backyard)
-build a fort

Do something scary/exhilarating:
-go skydiving
-go on a roller coaster or to a water park
-raft down some rapids
-test drive a sports car 
-watch a scary movie
-go on night hike (maybe I'm a wimp that I think these are spooky)
-take up rock climbing!

(yes, this is a shameless plug for our favorite thing to do together - but given that its probably something new and definitely something exhilarating when you're 20 feet up that wall, I think its a fabulous idea! Plus, it really focuses on trust and support - be sure to let me know if you try it!)
These are pictures from our last few months of dating and first few months of marriage :) 

Do you have other ideas for strengthening relationships? I'd love to hear them!
Have a romantic and fun summer all! 

P.S. For more of our fun dates and relationship ideas, come check out La Vita e Bella

Elizabeth, you are amazing!! I love this post and am so happy I get to share it on my blog today! Thank you so very much!

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