July Sponsors????

hey friends, anyone interested in swapping ads this month? i still have a lot of spaces open and would love to get them filled with cool people!

just email me: jessicahunt88{at}gmail{dot}com OR...click on my sponsor/button love tab and use passionfruit to swap with me. 

i am looking for three more 200x150 and four more 200x100 size ads.

thanks thanks thanks! i would love to do a group sponsor post on the 13th...i know that is pretty soon but i want to make sure you get maximum exposure. i will email those who are swapping ads with me tomorrow evening so definitely let me know if you're interested!



  1. Oh yes you are darling! I filled out a passionfruit thinger...but I ain't seeing my ad. It said it was approved. Hmmph. Maybe I'm just lame. . . hahah!

    Amanda at weandserendipity.blogspot.com

    1. Oh no! You might have to try it again I don't see it in my queue.