Oh Hey Lake Tahoe!

i had some down time so i thought i would take a minute to say hi! 

i don't usually post photos of myself in a swimsuit these days but i had to share this one with you. 
isn't that lake incredible!! 
we are all in love!

we are having so much fun and i cannot wait to share the details with ya!

i just want to thank my amazing guest post writers (Elizabeth & Laura) and to my awesome feature sponsor (Yesenia) for filling in for me this week!! its pretty awesome having such cool blogging/real life buddies!



  1. Love your shades & your little one is just the cutest!

    1. Oh thank you thank you! Those are my favorite sun glasses ever! 7 bucks!

  2. Ahhh!!! It looks like you guys are having so much fun in Tahoe. I will try my best to not be jealous. Is the water freezing? The only time I remember going to Tahoe was in FREEZING water.

    1. HAHA! The water was SOOOO FREEZING! I put my feet in once and that was about it. LOL. BUT laying out was great! The weather was perfect. Hot but not sweaty hot. Ya know?