sponsor swenson love in august!

we're back! lake tahoe was incredible! i will be posting our trip tomorrow.

 for now...i just wanted to let you all know that august in around the corner. yeah, i know. CRAZY!

i have seriously loved getting to know so many cool bloggers in july and look forward to getting to know more of you in august!
i am offering 3 large ads *all reserved for August*, 5 medium ads *2 more available*, & 5 small ads *4 more available*.
go {here} to reserve your spot!
(don't forget to use the code swensonswap to get your spot for free!)
**NOTE** it is to your advantage (and mine) if you have the same blogging style as my own. for example; i mostly blog about being a mama & wife, sometimes about crafting/tutorials, recipes, & style/fashion. basically, i am a lifestyle blogger. if you blog about these things then the readers that i have will probably like your blog as well and are more likely to follow you. check out this post on sponsoring/advertising on blogs!
at this point in my blog growing stage i won't turn down any bloggers hoping to swap ad buttons but just keep this in mind! thank you thank you thank you!

if button swapping isn't your thing but are hoping to get a little more traffic, email me about doing a post swap (you post on my blog and i on yours) or a giveaway! i am open for just about anything!

AND...you really need to go check out Chasing Sunshine's blog. she is doing an amazing group giveaway that i am participating in! $50 store credit to my shop!!

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  1. hello lovely! I have submitted my ad through passionfruit. look forward to work with you! and i'm a new follower of yours too. (of course, i'd love it if you connect to mine too, bloggy friends? ;))