Swenson Family Reunion 2012: Lake Tahoe (The Instagram Files)

i know i said i would post all about my trip yesterday. but i have been so busy getting caught up on unpacking, laundry, the bachelorette, emails, and etsy orders that i didn't have a whole lot of time. so here are just a few moments of our trip via instagram. 

i will add more "real" photos as the day goes on. 



  1. Looks so fun! I just got back from vacay too, and yeah, it's amazing how many things there are to do after just a few days of being gone! Of course, here I am blogging, so it can't be that bad :)

    1. HAHA!I know right. I find myself doing all the fun things and not the "chores". Its been days and i still cant get myself back into non-vacation mode.