This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!

Halloween. YIKES! I can pretty much say that our Halloween wasn't anything like we imagined. We were thinking it would be so much fun and a really awesome memorable experience. Well it will be memorable but it really wasn't that fun.

Kenny woke up from his nap extremely cranky. Lots of tantrums and screaming. He finally settled down and I got him into his costume which he immediately ripped off. The dang velcro top make it too easy. He really didn't like being a monkey I guess. So I had to quickly think of something he would wear and it had to be something that wouldn't make him melt in our 75 degree weather. I finally found something and put it together. It was the easiest costume ever and I ended up only spending an extra 5 bucks on it because we had everything already.

Unfortunately this is the only picture I got. I am lame.

He was a HUGE hit at Mick's party. It was the first time ever he got more attention than Chaz (who was dressed up as a bat). A couple of Mick's co-workers came over and just stared at Kenny for a good five minutes and constantly kept saying how cute he was. A girl even asked if she could take his picture. HAHA!

After Mick's work party we headed to his parents house. We had the yummiest taco soup and then headed out trick-or-treating. Kenny has four cousins living in Utah so its always fun to get together with them. I thought for sure Kenny would follow along with whatever they were doing.

Yeah...NO. He wanted to push the stroller. He wanted to ride in the stroller (which he NEVER wants to sit in the stroller). He wanted to yank Chaz around on the leash. He wanted nothing to do with the trick-or-treating. He literally screamed at the top of his lungs when Mick tried to show him how to trick-or-treat. GAH! It wasn't fun. He is definitely too young this year (although his cousin Eve is only two weeks older and totally was getting it and being so dang cute).

Mick and I both crashed as soon as we got home. HA! What a crazy experience! Not all bad but definitely not the way we imagined.

I hope you all had a very enjoyable Halloween!



  1. oh no! Sounds like no fun for you! I am impressed with the improv costume though! HOpefully next year he will be more into it :)


  2. His costume turned out cute anyways :) Hope next year's is better for you!